Fuji Industrial Solutions And Equipment Corporation was: Precision engineering and mechatronics solutions in ambient vacuum and cryogenic environment.

Who we are?

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PHU SY INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT AND SOLUTION CORPORATION (Fuji) is a small but highly skilled independent engineering group for development and realization of high-tech machinery and instruments. After several years of experience in the high-tech industry at companies like SMC and Air Power, Atlascopco. Fuji founded in 2012. Nowadays, we have built up a team of professionals which are able to find and implement solutions for very challenging engineering requests.

What we do?

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From system level down to component level, from definition and design, up to prototyping and qualification, Fuji has gained multidisciplinary knowledge of technical issues at every level. By following a systematic approach with high involvement, quality and efficiency are guaranteed. Although turn-key projects are our strength, Fuji can also participate in any development team to introduce the required expertise.

Precision Mechanics Products


Design- mechanical processing- distributed Industrial Equipments.
Design- mechanical processing- distributed Hydraulic Hoses, Terminal.
Design- mechanical processing- distributed Bolts, Canopies high technology.
Design- mechanical processing- distributed industrial knives.
Design- mechanical processing- distributed Coupling, border silver, cylinder machine.
Fabrication precision mechanical products according to customer needs.
Fabrication machinery parts, pneumatic tubes, high Pressure Valve.

With us, Customers will be

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"If you can clarify your technical issue, our experts will analyze it and come back to you with an engineering concept proposal in due time. This proposal is free of charge and hopefully helps you making your next step. If you need more detailed analysis or design proposals, we are happy to provide you with a quotation. It is up to you to decide whether you contact us for further implementation or realization".
Fuji Corp.