Fuji Corp provides maintenance services to upgrade industrial equipment:

Maintenance/Upgrade 1


We are proud to have a professional staff, extensive with all spare parts and machines are always available at the warehouse. Therefore, we are always ready to bring customers the most harmonious service.


On maintenance and upgrades:

– Get maintenance of industrial machines and equipment such as compressors, generators, transformer stations.
– Get maintenance or package maintenance services under a 12 month contract.
– Get maintenance, automated system upgrades, plant control system.
– Get maintenance, upgrade the building electrical system, Scada central control system.

Responsibility for the product provided:

– 24 months warranty for all products provided by the Company.
– Maintenance free registration every 3 months within 24 months from signing the acceptance and handover minutes.
– Cash only when you are satisfied with the service we provide.
– Time available for troubleshooting within 1-2 hours in the inner city; within 3- 12 hours for suburban areas.




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